I am a Java developer interested in web security, vulnerability analysis and Malware research.


  1. Core Java vol I & II – By Horstman and Gornell
  2. Java Programming Language – By Ken Arnold, James Gosling, and David Holmes
  3. Javaranch

Reverse Engineering:

  1. Pedram Amini’s Blog and openrce
  2. Gray Hat Python – By Justin Seitz
  3. Reversing – The secrets of reverse engineering – By Eldad Eilam

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Leonardo Says:

    Dear Dinesh,

    my name is Leonardo, I am a native Italian translator, graduated in Foreign Languages and Literature.

    My specializations are:

    – Web programming, web design (1 year of professional experience as web programmer and web designer)

    – Software localization (experience in software localization and in particular translating documentation and software GUI for Sun Microsystem Openoffice.org.)

    – Great familiarity with IT, Open Source software (in particular with OpenOffice.org, Linux operating sytem – Ubuntu distribution -), Cisco systems (I have attended a Net Security Course – preparation course for Cisco Ccna Certification- ), IT concepts, programming languages, networking technologies, digital forensics ( I have attended a course – http://www.computerforensics.unimi.it/ – in digital forensics and investigations, about the different informatics and legal techniques and strategies of incident response management )

    – Technical and Linguistic background, studies in Languages and Informatics (I have got a Master’s Degree in E-Government)

    Since I really appreciate the quality and originality of your blog, I would like to translate some of your posts into Italian and upload them on my blog:


    Obviously the original source will be properly attributed (i.e. link to the original article).

    Is it possible?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards


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