Android Zsone malware analysis

Earlier lastweek, it is found that a pack of malicious applications were taken down shortly after being identified for maliciousness. In this blogpost, I am presenting a quick analysis and payload of the sample.

There is nothing fancy about the payload. It is a typical SMSer Trojan. However the interesting point is the Trojan is very cautious in not alerting the user with a flood of SMS. It creates a bookkeeping information file (a XML file) to keep track of the subscriptions.

Tracing the sample’s SMS sender module:

SMS sender module

SMS sender module

A look at the memory footprint:

memory footprint

memory footprint

As mentioned, the Trojan checks that the user is not already victimised before sending the SMS. It does it by maintaining the state information in an XML file.

You can see that the iBookT.xml is the file that has the information about the victim. Here is the snapshot of the content of the XML file.

The value “Y” stands for already infected. This value is checked before sending the SMS. The next snapshot shows the code that does this logical checking.

The code snippet that implements the logic:

Hope you have enjoyed the read. Cheers 🙂



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